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# Unique Bid # Bid Title Scope of Work Deadline
1 EDP-006-12/15/18 Valve distribution services. This scope of work includes provision of valves and will include following service elements: distribution services, inventory management, Engineering Support Services like: Testing, Design/ Specification change, Validation support etc. , access to the international valve bank. 15/12/2018
2 EDP-001-10/31/18 Security guard services for Supply Base and Waste accumulation area. This scope of work include provision of security services on a continuous 24 hours per day, 365 days per year basis. Security Personnel shall be engaged at the COMPANY’s facilities on 12 (twelve) hour shifts basis. 15/01/2019
3 EDP-002-10/31/18 Security E-Systems Installation and Maintenance. This scope of work includes provision of personnel, management, engineering, operational support, technical support, supervision and ad-hoc procurement required for the maintenance and installation of Electronic Security Systems located throughout the country including BP Xazar Center, The International School of Azerbaijan (TISA), Sea Port, Sangachal terminal and facilities along Export Pipelines. 01/12/2018
4 EDP-003-10/31/18 Facility Maintenance Services – Azerbaijan. This scope of work will include provision of maintenance of various Company Non-Operational Facilities located in Baku, Sea Port, Sangachal Terminal and provision of competent personnel and supervision. 01/12/2018
5 EDP-004-10/31/18 BTC/SCP/SCPx Export pipelines telecommunication systems support. Provision of on-site competent personnel for BTC/SCP/SCPx Export pipelines to carry out preventative, corrective and break fix maintenance activities on telecommunication systems installed in Azerbaijan and Georgia. This scope of work includes provision of an access to subject matter expertise / Original Equipment Manufacturer vendors and engineering support for modification and project activities. 31/03/2019