Bid announcement means that BP (acting in the capacity of the Operating Company) announces publicly that it wishes to purchase goods, works and/or services. The relevant authority within BP requests potential suppliers to submit their interest for participating in the bids. No formal supplier proposal is required at that stage.

Welcome to Bid Announcement

BP will publish bid information notice for possible upcoming bids throughout the year in the selected categories (i.e. schedules for bids meeting certain selection criteria) at the beginning of each year. Bid announcements with schedules can be found via The “Sustainability” section that navigates to the relevant EDP web page for announcements.

The EDP web page includes information of the latest bid announcements showing new business opportunities with BP. Part of the website is only accessible to the users registered on the EDP Local Supplier Portal (EDP Portal). The EDP Portal has over 2,000 registered national suppliers. The EDP Portal includes basic supplier information for each registered member.

The prior bid notice enables potential bidders to assess their readiness for the scope in demand and prepare themselves for the launch. This enables BP to assess the level of the national market interest for the scope and identify market players/potential suppliers early in the process. This guidance is available in English and Azerbaijani language. All Bid announcements are published in English language only.

How shall I register?

You need to enter your company details and other relevant information only once on EDP Portal. This information may then be used for all other submissions of interest. You need to be registered in the EDP Portal as a supplier of specific goods, works and/or services to use this service. If you want to create a new user account, please start by sending the request for registration through You can skip this step if you already have an active EDP account.

Once the request for registration is sent, you will receive a username and, password to log in and will be requested to complete the required company information page. In some cases, suppliers may be requested to complete additional, detailed questionnaires in a relevant area and submit evidence in support of their answers.

The non-registered companies that would like to express interest for participation in the BP bids shall must register in the EDP Portal.

Registration on the system does not guarantee the right to be included in the tenders and that this process is to ensure awareness for BP of potential suppliers.

Registration in EDP Portal does not guarantee your shortlisting for the tenders listed on the portal or any other BP tenders.

By registering in EDP Portal, you agree that BP and EDP Provider may process your company data for the purposes of conducting market research in connection with BP’s procurement needs.

How can I express the interest for the bid?

If you wish to express an interest for the specific bid, you must follow the instructions in the EDP Portal. You can express interest for the components of the full package as well.

The date and time when the bid announcement closes will be specified. All companies registered to do business in Azerbaijan can express their interest.

How suppliers would be selected for the bidding stage?

BP will announce the bidding plans for those categories of spend that have a high impact on the national economic development.

An automatic email notification will be sent to the companies which are registered in the national supplier EDP Portal in the respective business segment once the open bid is announced. Any supplier may express interest, but only those who are pre-selected against the bid participation criteria specified by BP will be included in the bid list in the authorized BP sourcing system.

The EDP provider will check completeness, and accuracy of information and include the shortlisted suppliers in the market report for the authorized BP users. For completeness of the market research, this report may include other companies, including those not registered in EDP Portal. The shortlisted suppliers will be further selected by BP for the bids. You should follow the instructions in the bid documents when you are shortlisted and receive these documents from BP.

BP may award contracts without making open bid announcements as part of the corporate sourcing procedure.

Why should I register in EDP Local Supplier Portal?

EDP site provides free access to the selected business opportunities from BP to personalize search profiles, according to your needs; to get e-mail bid announcement alerts based on your profiles; to allow BP and EDP Provider to analyze your data and select your company for the upcoming bid.

How to request additional information?

If there are issues that are unclear in the bid announcement process, the EDP Administrators will help you. They will answer your questions on the bid announcement process in a section of Additional Information.

For questions please contact 'EDP Program' <[email protected]>

Thank you for using the EDP Local Supplier Portal.