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# Unique Bid # Bid Title Scope of Work Deadline
1 EDP-081-06/30/19 Provision of Materials Management Services in Azerbaijan Materials Planning and Coordination: material coordinators act as inter-face between supply chain and Operating Functions supporting them in demand planning, inventory plan preparation, then expediting and executing them on a daily basis. 30/06/2019
2 EDP-122-11/15/19 Provision of Real Estate Services Scope of work includes provision of fully equipped apartments for expatriate personnel. 15/11/2019
3 EDP-123-11/15/19 Provision of Heavy Vehicles Fleet Outsourced Model The scope of work covers provision of following services: 1. Provision Heavy vehicles (HV) fleet on rent basis including operator, associated maintenance, certification and mobilization/ demobilization at Georgia Operator sites; 2. Transportation of Operator owned heavy vehicles to the remote Operator's sites within Georgia; 3. Maintenance of the Operator owned heavy vehicles, if required; 15/11/2019
4 EDP-161-01/15/20 Provision of 3rd party inspection services in Azerbaijan Provision of 3rd party inspection services at receipt. It includes provision of personnel, materials, managements and supervision necessary to perform inspection of Company owned materials at receipt at COMPANY premises (warehouse) 15/01/2020
5 EDP-185-02/12/20 Security Services of BP Georgia • Professional Security Risk Prevention Services of BP Georgia Facilities in Tbilisi and in the regions of Georgia. • Security Advisory, Risk Management and Liaising Services in the regions (Areas of Operation) of Georgia • Designing, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of all Integrated Electronic Security Systems (IESS) with Digital network. As well as Maintenance of Fibre Optic Cabe (FOC) based pipelines’ electronic Intruder Detection Systems; Designing and installations of electronic security systems; Operation and maintenance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) 12/02/2020